A gemstone healer with a passion for ‘magic’

A gemologist and a holistic practitioner from Utah has become one of the hottest names in the field of gemstones and the health industry, helping to bring healing and magical properties to those who are battling autoimmune disease.

Polk is a licensed gemologist who has been practicing in Utah since 2012 and is a certified holistic practitioner.

She’s also a licensed personal trainer and fitness expert.

“In my mind, what I do is magic,” Polk said.

Polak, whose real name is Stephanie A. Brown, said she’s had clients who were unable to function at home due to the complications of multiple sclerosis.

“I can see how people get overwhelmed and that’s why I want to give them the tools that they need to recover,” Polka said.

She said she also sees patients with serious health conditions like diabetes, multiple sclerosis and arthritis, and has worked with people suffering from depression and other anxiety disorders.

“We have a lot of people who are in crisis right now and I believe that healing is possible,” Polkasaid.

The “gift” that has made Polk one of Utah’s top-ranked holistic practitioners, and which has led to her becoming a certified health care professional, is the use of a combination of natural and synthetic healing practices.

“She’s been working with people for the past four years, and she’s found a way to bring magic to people who otherwise would not have access to it,” said Dr. Scott Koehn, a certified gemologist.

Koehn is a board-certified holistic practitioner and has treated thousands of patients with autoimmune disease and other health problems.

He said it’s a great gift that Polk has given to the community.

“The magic of healing is not something that comes from magic ingredients,” Koehn said.

“It comes from the way that you connect with people and that you learn from their struggles and the things that they’re dealing with, and then how you help them find their own healing ways,” Koeshn said.

It’s all part of the holistic healing movement, which uses holistic principles and the natural world to heal.

“When people get diagnosed, they don’t want to just go in for a prescription to try to get the cure,” Kuehn said, “They want to be able to heal themselves.”

The use of natural remedies and natural medicines is the key to holistic healing, said Dr (and former President of the American College of Integrative Medicine) Dr. David Wiese, who has consulted with Polk on her treatments.

“You can’t use pharmaceuticals to heal,” Wieses said.

“You have to take the natural elements and then you use those elements in a holistic way that has a lot to do with what you’re dealing [with].”

Dr. Koehr is also a board certified holistic physician and has seen Polk in action.

“There is no one way to heal all people,” Kohn said.