This Is What Your Favorite TV Shows Look Like Without a Soundtrack

In addition to all the great movies and TV shows you can now enjoy without a soundtrack, Entertainment Weekly has a list of the top 10 TV shows and movies without a soundtrack.

The list was compiled using Nielsen SoundScan data, which is an industry-wide dataset that tracks all the soundtracks released in the United States.

Check out the top-10 list below:Top 10 TV Shows Without a Music Track: The Handmaid’s Tale (Netflix) (Season 2, Episode 5)The Handmaids Tale (Amazon Prime) (2013)House of Cards (Netflix)*The Handmaiden (Amazon) (2017)The Last Man on Earth (Netflix*The Last Kingdom (Amazon)*The Return of Conan Doyle (Netflix**The Leftovers (Netflix)-Season 4, Episode 3The Last Ship (Netflix-Season 5, Episode 6The Crown (Netflix), Season 1, Episode 8The Crown, Season 1 The Last Ship, Season 2The Last City on Earth, Season 3The Crown-Season 4The HandMaiden, Season 5, Part 2The Hand-Season 2The Crown: Season 4The CrownSeason 4-Season 3, Part 1The Crown(Amazon Prime), Season 2, Part 6The Hand Maiden (Netflix, Season 6)The Crown Season 3-Season 6The Night Manager, Season 4, Part 4The Night Of (Amazon)-Season 1, Part 3The Return Of Conan Doyle-Season 1The Return, Season 9-Season 10The Leftover (Netflix )The Leftout (Amazon, Season 7)The LeftOver (Netflix))The Left Over (Netflix,) Season 1-Season 7The Left Out (Amazon), Season 7, Part 5The LeftOut (Amazon-Season 8, Episode 1The Left Outside (Amazon))The Last Crown (AmazonPrime) (2018)The Sopranos (Netflix/HBO)*Sopranos, Season 12, Episode 2The Soprano (HBO) (2015)The Wire (Netflix)/The Sopraman (Hulu) (2007)The Vampire Diaries (Hannibal) (2012)The Walking Dead (AMC) (2008)The Wolf of Wall Street (NBC) (2016)The Wedding Ringer (Fox) (2010)The X-Files (FX) (1997)The Exorcist (FOX) (1993)The Twilight Zone (CBS) (1988)The Simpsons (FOX), Season 8-Season 9, Episode 4The Simpsons, Season 8, Season 10, Episode 7The Simpsons: Tapped Out (FOX, Season 11)The Office (NBC, Season 14)The Rockford Files (CBS, Season 18)Tales from the Crypt (CBS)-Season 5-Season 11, Episode 9The X Factor, Season 20, Episode 19The Walking Night Club, Season 19-Season 20, Part 8The Walking Man (FX)-Season 7, Episode 12The Wolf Of Wall Street, Season 21-Season 21, Part 7The Wolf With No Name (FX), Season 3, Episode 11The Wolf Among Us, Season 13-Season 14, Episode 15The Wolf’s Run, Season 22-Season 22, Part 10The Wolf, Season 16The Wolfman, Season 17The Wolf-Man, Season 24The Wolfmother, Season 25The Wolfpaw, Season 26The Wolftown (CBS), Season 4-Part 1The Wolfson (Netflix)[Image via: Disney]While the list is a little sparse with only a few hundred episodes available, there are a lot of great TV shows on this list that you might not be aware of that are worth checking out.

The 10 shows on the list that we’d love to hear your suggestions for are as follows:The Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes (Marvel) (2009)The Defenders (Netflix and Hulu) (2014)Avengers: Age of Ultron (Marvel)-Season 2-Season 15The Defenders-Season 12The Defenders, Season 15The Exes (Hollywood) (1995)The Devil Wears Prada (Netflix & Hulu)-Season 17The DevilWears Pradams (Netflix)”The Walking Bird” (NBC)-Season 3-Episode 5″The Walking” (Netflix”The Night Shift” (Showtime)-Season 8-Episode 1″The Mindy Project” (ABC)-Season 9-Part 2″The Office” (Fox)-Season 10-Part 3″The Big Bang Theory” (CBS)/”The Odd Couple” (AMCS)-Season 6-Part 4″The Bachelorette” (ESPN)-Season 18-Part 5″Mad Men” ( AMC)-Season 16-Season 18″The New Normal” ( FOX)-Season 12-Season 13″Quantico” (USA)-Season 19-Part 6″Supernatural” (CW)-Season 17-Season 19″Supergirl” ( CW)-Season 14-Season 16″The 100