How to Find Unclaimed Property in Missouri

Unclaimed property is property that is not paid for and is not accounted for, such as land that has been lost or abandoned.

The property should not be counted on to make up the value of the property.

It should be noted that Missouri is not the only state where the tax is not declared as unpaid.

New Jersey, Illinois, Michigan, Ohio and South Dakota all have laws on the books which prohibit a state from declaring a property as unclaimed if the tax paid on it is not recorded in the public records system.

A few states have also enacted legislation to make it illegal to declare unclaimed properties as unpaid, although it is unclear how often these laws have been enforced.

Find an agent to look into this property for you.

Find a property manager in your area.

Contact the property’s owner and ask for a refund.

Tax liens are the most common type of unpaid property tax.

They can be a nuisance or a financial burden on a property owner.

Find the correct tax liens for your property and then get the information from the proper agency, including the county or city.

Find out more about how to file for a tax lien in your state.