When your home may have gone to pieces: Is your property a valuable asset?

An auction house may have the money to buy you the house, but what if the auction house isn’t really interested in buying you?

That’s exactly what a Delhi-based company is looking to find out.

The company has raised a seed round of $8.5 million from Indian investor Naveen Singh.

This will be a two-year round of funding that will allow the startup to develop its software and services to help buyers and sellers navigate the auction process. 

The company’s founders are looking for an initial investor to provide them with a suitable funding, but are looking to raise a much larger round to help them get to the next stage.

The seed round will be valued at $7 million and the company’s plan is to be able to scale up to a total of $12 million in a few years.

The team is looking for partners in the technology space as well, including in the auction business.

The startup is currently in talks with several real estate companies in the region to partner with them in the search for buyers and sellers, said the founder of the startup, Anupam Khatri.

They also hope to expand to other industries.

The startup’s mission is to help sellers and buyers navigate the bidding process and to make sure buyers are satisfied with their deals.

The first-of-its-kind software platform, called A-Boom, was developed in partnership with the National Real Estate Board (NREB) to help property buyers, sellers and agents work together on their deals, said Mr. Khatari.

The platform allows buyers and agents to bid on the properties, which can then be verified by a third party.

It also helps sellers to compare properties and see how much they would get for their money.

The app also allows sellers and potential buyers to communicate with each other.

“The first step in this process is the sale,” Mr. Singh told the Times of India.

“After that, it’s a matter of the buyer and the seller trying to understand what is the price and the price that they will get.

The buyer should know what is expected from them in return for their payment.” 

The A-BOOM platform is designed to help the buyer make an informed decision on whether to bid or not. 

Mr. Singh said the A-boom platform helps buyers and seller understand the potential costs and benefits of each transaction.

He said that by providing a detailed description of each offer, the buyer can understand whether the price is acceptable or not, and the transaction can be completed without any complications. 

In the meantime, buyers and buyers are free to explore the various properties available in the city. 

“It will be really helpful to the seller, to the buyer, to find sellers who are more experienced in the real estate industry,” said Mr Khatori.

“There are many buyers and they are interested in selling their property to people who are not experts.

So, if they want to sell, they should have the experience.”