Property management company is planning to buy windmill property in South West

A property management company wants to buy a windmill in the South West, with plans to develop it into a mixed-use residential and commercial area.

Moriar Properties has submitted a tender to buy the Windmill Power Station, near the town of Windy Point, from Windy Creek Development Company.

The Windmill was built in 1962 as a demonstration windmill, which uses a turbine to generate electricity.

It is the second windmill project to be purchased by a local company in the area.

The Wind Mill was originally built to demonstrate the viability of wind energy in the region, but was later used for the testing of commercial and residential applications.

In February, the South Western Windstream Partnership, an alliance of commercial developers, landowners and local residents, launched the first phase of a $100 million project to develop the Wind Mill site.

A group of people from Windstream Partners also donated $30,000 to fund the project, which is now in its second phase.

As part of the new project, the group has bought land from Windline Properties, which has been the site of the Windmills first wind turbine since 1962.

Windermere Properties plans to redevelop the site, and build apartments and a mixed use building, with a retail outlet at the site.

The site has been in development for several years, with the first windmill site being sold in 2018.

“This property represents a fantastic opportunity for the South East, with its potential for new, innovative and sustainable developments, and it has a long history of producing a great commercial wind turbine,” said Morriar Properties’ chief executive officer, Jason Morriam.

“Windstream Power Station is a unique opportunity to build on that history.”

The windmill is expected to cost between $500,000 and $1.2 million.

Windstream Partners is building a commercial and mixed use residential and retail development on the site that will be built on a 1,800-hectare (2,500-acre) site.