Crypto-currency-linked property assessment scam in Sydney

A property appraisal scam in the city’s west is attracting the attention of property lawyers.

Key points:A property manager allegedly used false information to get the money he wanted from a property in Sydney’s south-west”The property manager, who we will call ‘D’ is claiming he’s not responsible for the property because he has no control over it.

He’s not even the owner, he’s a contractor.

He just wants to make money off of this property,” property lawyer Andrew Tait told ABC Radio Melbourne.”

It’s just a scam.””

The owner has no knowledge of this.

It’s just a scam.”

Mr Tait is representing a client in a property assessment case against the owner of a property on the outskirts of the city.

He told the ABC the client had been given a “fantastic” price for a property.

The client told the court he had recently moved into the property and wanted to buy a house on a nearby street.

“It’s just incredible.

I don’t know what he’s trying to say to me, because I haven’t seen anything like this before,” the client said.”

But it’s a fantastic deal.”‘

Property owner’D is claiming that he has control over the property.

But it’s not his property.

He only wants to earn money from itProperty lawyer Andrew Farrar says it’s “extraordinary” the scam has taken place in Sydney”This is just an extraordinary example of how people are just making money off properties that are not theirs,” he said.”[They] just want to make a buck.

It could be the house, the property or they’re just trying to make some money off it.”

That’s the thing, they’re trying to get something for nothing, and this is just extraordinary.”‘

It’s a real shame’Property owners in the CBD have said they are alarmed about the scam.”

If it’s true, it’s totally unacceptable and should be dealt with swiftly,” Melbourne Property Association director for housing policy, Richard Rippon, told the Herald Sun.”

The issue is there are very legitimate concerns about a number of things that are going on, and unfortunately there’s a lot of money being made,” he added.”

Unfortunately people who are taking advantage of that are being put into a situation where they’ve got no choice.

“Property manager D is claiming to be an owner.

But he’s using false informationThe property man claims to be the owner and he has a licence to use his name.

He was allegedly approached by a real estate agent about the property, who asked if he was interested in buying it.

The agent said he was looking to buy it but was told that it was “an asset”.

But when the property man went to look at the property a few weeks later, the agent had bought it and he was selling it.

Property lawyer and real estate expert, John Gee, told The Age the scam was a “scam”.”

He was trying to put his own name and image to the property,” he told the newspaper.”

He wasn’t actually the owner.

“Mr Gee said the scam involved the “owner-occupier”, which is usually a property manager.”

You get a person who is just interested in the property for the money,” he explained.”

Then you get the person who doesn’t have the expertise to assess it.”‘

If I’d just got a flat in this area, I would have got a house’Mr Gie said there were problems with the property manager and the property owner’s “ownership” was in question.”

There was a lot to sort out,” he continued.”

When the property was sold it had been bought by someone else, it had no title, it was a rented property and they didn’t have a licence.

“In that sense, the people in that situation could have had a different opinion.”

For example, the real estate agency who was selling the property may have had an opinion about whether it was worth buying or not.

“Mr Rippo said it was common for property owners to have concerns about their properties.”

One property manager in the Melbourne CBD is making money out of people’s property and is getting to a point where people are getting sick and tired of it,” he wrote on his blog.”

These scams are not just limited to the CBD, they’ve been happening all over the city.

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