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A bunch of developers have been using a new open-source software platform called Blender to create 3D models of the physical world.

The company behind Blender, called Nuke, has partnered with some of the world’s biggest toy companies to make the model files available for download, and the result is something truly unique.

For instance, the files show a “Star Wars”-like planet, a Star Trek-like ship, and a pair of dinosaurs.

They’re just a few of the models that Blender has created.

The company is also building a model of a giant whale, and even has a model for the Earth.

“It’s like an augmented reality experience for a 3D object, but it’s also a virtual object that is interactive and realistic,” said Daniela López-Tarraglia, the Blender program manager.

“The result is a truly incredible 3D world that you can explore.”

López Lóñaga said the 3D model files are made of “glue,” and the glue used in Blender is meant to be easy to remove and re-use.

Blender uses a mesh format that is designed to be “universal,” meaning it can be used for almost anything.

For example, a 3-D model can be created from a 2D model and reused in many different projects.

But for this project, Blender used a model from a “classic” game called “Tron: Legacy,” a popular science-fiction video game series created by LucasArts.

Lóñáguez said that the model file for the whale, for instance, has a texture that looks like a water balloon, but actually it’s a mesh of the whales head and fins.

The 3D shape also mimics the shape of the animal in the video game.

The files, which were made available through the Nuke website, also include information about the models, including information on the game’s graphics and sound.

The file also has information about which objects are in the model, and which objects have been modeled in 3D.

“For example there’s a model that’s for a dinosaur that has a tail, a face, and it’s actually a model created with a dinosaur skin,” Lólez said.

“It has a lot of information about it.

We’ve also provided information about its weight, so we can compare it with the size of the dinosaurs body.”

Blender has been available for a while, but the company announced the release of a new version on Thursday that adds support for more models, and has made some improvements.

The latest version, version 3.0, was released Thursday.

Blender is designed for anyone to create their own model, Lóxas said.

The files are available for free to anyone who wants to make their own.

The program is a community-supported project, so if you want to share your 3D creation, it’s easy to join the community and upload your files.

“We’re all creating stuff together,” Lottas said, adding that the company is actively working on a new 3D-based project for the future.

“I think it’s really important that people know what’s possible, and that we should be open and free, and not afraid of what people will do with it,” she said.

Nuke has been around for about five years.

In that time, the company has created about 150 different models.

Lózas said she hopes that the new version will continue to be popular, and encourage other 3D artists to make new models for the software.