‘Unclaimed’ property washingtons property,unemployed workers are now ‘unemployed’, it says

WASHINGTON — Unemployed workers at a Washington State company that provides laundry services have received a notice of termination from their union, a union official told CNN.

The notice, dated March 10, states that the washington company, which also provides home care services, has been notified by the union of the termination.

The union has a contract with the washingtons parent company, but the union has refused to negotiate the terms of the contract, the union official said.

The Washington State Department of Labor says the washingons contract was terminated after the union failed to meet its commitment to negotiate.

The washingtons contract provides for a maximum of one year of unemployment benefits.

The washingtons labor agreement with the union was terminated on March 11, according to a notice from the union dated March 11.

The contract does not provide for a second year of benefits.