‘No place like home’ for young refugees

More than 600 people, mostly young refugees, have arrived in the state since the Christmas period.

But many have had little to do other than sleep and rest in tents and tents in bushland close to the border with PNG.

“There’s no place like the bushland,” one of the refugees told News.au.

“[The refugees] were living in tents.

They slept in the bush.

The only thing they did was get on their bike and go out.”

Another refugee, a father of five, said he had no idea he was on the same street as a refugee family, who had been camped for six months.

There were also many refugees who arrived in camps near the border who were housed in one of Victoria’s most notorious refugee camps.

A refugee who did not want to be identified said: “There was no food.

There was no water.

People were dying of dehydration.”

It’s not just the camp itself that has been hit hard.

Victoria’s Government has also announced a $4 million fund to support refugee children and families who have been affected by the bushfire.

Victorian Government funding: ‘Children, families and communities will benefit’The Federal Government announced on Tuesday that $4.3 million would be earmarked to support children and young people who were living at risk in bushfires in Victoria, as well as to help refugees who were displaced by bushfires.

It was also announced that Victoria’s Government will be funding $2 million to help families who were at risk of losing their homes.

More than 3,000 people have been displaced in the fires.

Vic Metro Chief Executive Graham Allen said the Government’s announcement was “a real positive step forward” to help people impacted by the fires in the region.

Mr Allen said: “Victoria is home to more than 1.5 million people and we have a massive community affected by bushfire related disasters.

This is a very, very big issue that we’re all working on together.”

Victoria is one of Australia’s largest bushfire-hit states, and is known for its harsh weather and high winds.

As well as the refugee camps, many homes have been damaged in the blaze, and some have been lost to the fire.

Residents of the Victorian bush have been advised to move out of the area, and authorities have urged people to be prepared for bushfires for the foreseeable future.

Emergency services are also urging people to avoid bushfires as the situation is critical and “will continue to evolve”.