How to avoid ‘Unclaimed Property’ on your property: New guidelines

A new guide from the US government explains how to avoid being hit with a $20,000 bill if you’re unsure if your property is unclaimed.

Read more The US Property Information Service (PIS) said that property owners who do not file a claim should expect to pay a fee of up to $20 for each item that is removed from their property, such as a garage or storage unit.

It said the fee will be applied to a person’s entire property, regardless of whether the property is “unclaimed”.

It’s also worth noting that “unused” property will not be included in this total.

It is possible to have your property declared to the government by an insurance company, but it’s a long and expensive process.

You can also be penalised for failing to register your property as “unowned”.PIS recommends that property owner check their records if they are unsure of their property’s status.

In some cases, they may be able to apply for a certificate of ownership from the property registry.

The PIS guide recommends that you contact your local county assessor, as this may be required if the property was declared to a government agency.

The agency will then contact the owner of the property and provide them with an information sheet about the property, which is to be returned to them after the property has been returned to you.

It says if the owner has not made a claim by the deadline, they can still be subject to a $30 fee for each unclaimed item.

The information sheet is available at