New B.C. properties, insurance, and property search: A new report

Posted September 15, 2018 06:23:51 The BC government is proposing to introduce a property search tool that would allow property owners to search for properties on and other online property sites.

The property search will allow users to search by a number of keywords including the name, address, street name, city and province, and will be available for the first time next month.

The government said it is taking a broad approach to help the public better understand property and its value and to help ensure that people are not priced out of their homes.

“We are making sure the public is informed about property and how it’s obtained and that they can use this tool to determine whether or not they are being priced out,” said Victoria-based government spokesman Brad Ross.

“We are also looking at other tools and technologies to provide people with information on the types of properties that are available, and what type of properties are available in the region.”

Property search is an important tool for the province to help provide more information to the public, and we have a number in the pipeline that will help provide additional information.

“The proposed search tool, which is currently available only on BCA properties and is only for the B.

Com website, will be a separate website for the government to use.

The tool will be accessible through a search box on the home page of, but the site has been taken offline.

The BC government has been struggling to attract new listings, as the province has been facing an inventory crunch, a shortage of homes and low demand for real estate.

The website was taken offline earlier this month.