‘How to calculate your income tax refund’

New research by the Tax Foundation finds that “it is generally difficult to determine how much income tax you owe”.

The tax-free figure is calculated by dividing your net income by the number of people you are in a relationship with.

You can use the calculator to calculate how much tax you would owe if you had to pay income tax on all the income you receive from work.

However, the Tax Policy Centre (TPC) said this method can be confusing and “can also be inaccurate” because of “many of the complex factors involved”.

“The Tax Foundation has been working with policymakers to improve the tax-base estimation process and have produced a new version of its Tax Calculator for income tax and benefit tax purposes,” it said in a statement.

“The new calculator provides a much clearer and more accessible way to calculate the amount of tax you must pay, and makes it easier to calculate what tax you should pay.”

It is unclear how many people would benefit from the new calculator.

The Tax Policy Center estimated that the average American household earns $8,000 to $9,500 a year, so an average household would pay about $7,200 a year in tax.

It said this would be about one third of the current average federal income tax rate of 22 per cent.

The new Calculator can be downloaded here:The Tax Center is based in Washington, DC.