When you buy a house, how much do you have to pay?

India’s Supreme Court has ruled that the property rights of developers in its cities should be respected.

The ruling came after the Supreme Court ruled in 2016 that developers in some areas had to pay a certain amount for a property that they had purchased.

But developers in the other cities have to make a similar claim in their contracts. 

A property owner in Delhi can ask for a claim of a landless-land ratio of 40% for the entire property.

In another case, a property owner can ask the court for a ratio of 50% for all of his or her land.

The court will hear both cases on June 6. 

In both cases, the court will consider the claims of property owners who are not willing to make the required claim for the whole of their land. 

India’s Supreme Judicial Council has also ordered the state government to submit to the court a detailed list of the properties that it acquired for redevelopment.

The list will be submitted to the Supreme court in October and then the court is expected to rule on the case on June 12. 

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