‘Sudden Death’ of ‘Sons of Anarchy’ star: ‘I didn’t even know I was gonna be alive’

“I had never even thought about becoming a parent.

I didn’t know what that meant to me.

I never thought I’d see that day,” said K.J. Johnson, the father of actor Jon Krakauer.

“It was just the coolest feeling, that I would see that.

I’m like, ‘I’m gonna see that’ and it was like, wow.

It was really amazing.”

Krakauer, 30, told NBC News in an exclusive interview that he was surprised to find out that his father was the mother of his unborn son.

This is crazy. “

I just got out of the hospital last night and I was like what?

This is crazy.

I had never heard of that.”

K.J., a former NBA player, said he and his father were married last summer.

He has two young children and two more to be born.

Krakauers son is a senior at Mount Pleasant Academy in the Dallas suburb of Plano, Texas.

The family has three other children, who are all living with their father.

After his son was born, Krakurauer said he was “just happy” and grateful that his wife had chosen him to be the father.

“You’re so blessed,” he said.

“She’s so happy, it’s a little bit crazy,” he added.

But for Krakber, who was also a member of the U.S. Olympic basketball team in 2000, this is “kind of a scary” situation.

He said he has received no medical advice on what to do.

Krakarauers story was shared on Twitter by the social media site Twitter and Facebook.

K.K. said his father is the mother to his daughter and he doesn’t think his story is “any different” than a lot of other parents.

When asked if he has seen his father since his son’s birth, K.M. said, “Oh, yes.

We’re in the same boat.””

It’s sad,” K.C. said.

There was some talk in the first week of this week that the Johnson family might seek legal action.

A spokesperson for the family declined to comment on the story.

According to the U, there are two people who are responsible for keeping track of the property.

Johnson, who plays Jon Krosauer on the series, told the news outlet that the couple “have never been able to separate” because of the “unique situation.”

K.C., who has a 10-year-old son, is still awaiting a divorce filing.

(Reporting by Jennifer Jenkins; Editing by Bill Trott)