Pa Unclaimed Property: Unclaimed property for sale

More than 1,600 properties are on the market in the region of Lombardy, according to a report by Pa Unclaims.

The report was released this week, with the properties being auctioned off by auctioneers in the city.

In total, around 2,200 properties are available for sale on Pa Unset properties, the report said.

Auctioneer Marco Boccioni said there were “many properties for sale in Lombardy that are not in good condition and require immediate work to repair”.

It said many of these properties are listed as unclaimed, which means that the property owner is not responsible for the damage caused by the unclaimed owner.

Boccionio said: “I do not see any other reason why properties that are listed unclaimed should not be sold, as they are not the property of the owner.”

The report says the most common reasons for unclaimed properties are: property damage caused to the property, or the property is in poor condition.

The number of properties on sale in the Lombardy region is estimated at around 1,200. 

It said the city of Lombardia has an estimated 1.8 million people, and that a fifth of the population is unclaimed.