‘We’re looking to do some soul searching’: The history of the Brevard County mansion sale

The Brevard Country Club is not the kind of place you would think would be one of the top ten most sought after properties in Florida.

For one thing, it is a privately owned, historic structure built in 1775, and for another, the Brevets are notoriously hard to sell.

The Brevetts mansion was sold for $8.6 million in 2005.

That was the highest price ever paid for a single-family home in Florida, but the Brevards estate has gone on to sell for an estimated $20 million or more. 

For this year’s auction, the property is up for grabs again, and there are three new bidders vying for the Breves property, the largest ever for a home in Brevard county. 

A woman named Stephanie Bessette is offering $9.6m, and her agent is offering a $6.5 million bid. 

But she has an even bigger bid: $20.6M. 

Bessette’s agent has confirmed to the Daily Beast that she is a local and that she has been working for years to find buyers for the house. 

“She has been involved in the Brevetts property and she has had a lot of discussions with several interested parties,” Bressette’s representative said.

“I’m very confident in her ability to do the best possible deal.” 

The Bessettes are not the only one hoping to land this piece of history. 

In the same week, a couple from Virginia is offering their own $8 million bid, but they are trying to get more than that. 

According to a source with ties to the Brevoort estate, the Virginia couple are looking to sell the property for $5 million to $10 million. 

The estate is listed as an official historical site in Virginia and has a $1.7 million annual income. 

So the real estate agent could not confirm the bidding amount for this sale, but it seems clear that this house has been on the market for a while. 

When asked if the Brevvens had offered an offer, another agent said that the Breviours have offered “some serious money,” but no offer has been received yet. 

(Via the Daily Beast) Brevard County home sold for the highest ever price for a one-family house in Brevettons history.

But the Brevas are notoriously difficult to sell at $7.5m. 

More from the Breville Daily News: A Brevard couple is selling their Brevard property for the first time since the 1775 Brevard County mansion was purchased for $4.6million. 

Shelby and Robert Bessett are in the process of selling their 5,000-square-foot home at 710 East Avenue. 

They bought the house in 2005 for $7 million.

They had plans to buy another property in the same area.

But their agent told the Brevdaily that they have been looking for a buyer for years. 

 “They’ve been looking all over the country and they’ve been very unsuccessful,” said the agent, who declined to provide her name. 

She added that the property had never been sold for more than $5.6 Million.

The house is the largest single-story house ever sold in Breventon County, according to the Brevard Property Appraiser, and it is the only Brevard home to be listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

It was originally built in the early 1780s and had been used as a hotel by the Brevin family.

 (Image via Brevard Historic Preservation Office) The Brevests are known for having a history that dates back to the early 1700s, when the house was built as a home for a wealthy man named Charles Besset. 

As the Brevic family expanded into a major industrial center, Charles Bisset decided that he wanted a more modern home for his family.

He bought land along the Breva River and built a house in 1818.

The Bessets moved to a home near the Brevcarts farm in 1832, and the Brevyts had their own home in 1838.

In 1838, Charles bought the Brevarst family farm from his father, who had purchased it from his uncle. 

Charles Bessét’s son, Charles, became Charles Bittie, a wealthy lawyer who built his own hotel in the 1890s.

Charles Bitties daughter, Mary, also had a small home in the home, which she named the Brevice. 

Mary Bessetts children were both born in the house and both lived there, and Mary Bessotes oldest daughter, Anna, lived with her mother and sister. 

There is no record of when the Brevia family moved out, but many Bre