Liberty Property Management says its property line is worth $8,500 million

Liberty Property Group, a Missouri-based property management company, said on Wednesday that it would pay out $8.5 billion to investors, in a deal that would make it the third-largest property-management company in the world.

The $8 billion will be split among four groups of investors: a consortium of American, Australian, British and Canadian companies, and an American group led by the billionaire investor Warren Buffett.

Liberty Property said it would also pay out a share of the proceeds to the American government and to the National Parks Service, which would be used to promote national parks.

The company is one of a number of property-development companies to be valued at $8 trillion or more in the US in the coming years.

Its announcement comes as a number private equity firms and hedge funds have been circling the market, hoping to make quick money by buying up distressed properties and taking them out of public hands.

The group of companies is led by Berkshire Hathaway, which owns about half the company, and it also has a number investments in other US real estate.

It owns about 30,000 buildings in 30 states and in the UK.

Liberity has been struggling to attract investors.

It was sold for $2.4 billion in 2008 to an anonymous Chinese buyer and its assets have since been sold to private investors, including private equity firm Blackstone.

A number of companies have also been in the news recently.

Shares in the company that owns the world’s largest cruise ship fleet have plunged, after its owner, Carnival Cruises, announced it was suspending the entire fleet.