Which is better: the Google+ social network or the Facebook app?

A new survey from the social networking company reveals that most people don’t care about the way Facebook is marketed, despite how well it’s marketed.

The company conducted its new “People’s Choice” survey in partnership with the social network platform, and it revealed that people’s opinions of Facebook and its social platform are split, with a plurality of people viewing Facebook favorably and a smaller percentage viewing the social platform negatively.

According to the results, Facebook’s marketing campaigns are considered the most effective way to promote the social media platform, but that the company’s advertising is considered by the majority of people to be less effective.

The survey asked people to evaluate the effectiveness of ads on the platform, which the company says has over 5 million unique monthly active users.

Respondents were asked to rate ads for and against the platform’s brand, its user experience, and its overall value.

The study also asked people about how well Facebook has marketed itself over the years, including how well people feel about the brand and the user experience.

A majority of respondents said that Facebook’s brand and user experience are not the most important factors in determining whether or not people will recommend the platform to friends, but it’s a very important factor, the study found.

Facebook is the second-most popular social networking platform behind only Google+, according to the survey.

In the survey, the respondents were asked which platform is more effective in marketing and advertising its products, and the most popular choice for that was the Facebook brand.

The survey results reveal that the most common reason people cited as why they don’t like Facebook was its branding, which came in at the top of the list.

The most common reasons people cited were the company doesn’t have a cohesive brand and doesn’t align with their personal values, the company lacks strong branding and a good user experience and the company does not offer a compelling product.

Facebook’s branding and user experiences were rated at the bottom of the rankings, the survey found.

The company is also the most frequently mentioned in negative ads against the company.

According the results of the survey: Facebook is viewed favorably by 57% of people, with 41% of those surveyed saying that they view the social platforms favorably and 24% of the respondents saying that the Facebook platform is viewed negatively.

The average amount of time people spend viewing and participating in Facebook is five minutes, the poll found.

The average amount people spend participating in the platform is five hours.

The study found that Facebook is a more valuable marketing platform than Google+, with more than 40% of respondents saying the company is more valuable than the Google+, which was the second most-used social network among the respondents.